– Get to know your cider, with our Cider Profiles –

Island Orchard Cider creates Normandy-style and New World-style cider, which is dry and tannic. All of our ciders are gluten free including our Hopped Brut Cider! Our Classic & Reserve Ciders fall into the dryer and more effervescent category. Conversely, our Speciality Ciders range from the ultra sweet Ice Cider to our still, bone dry, Still Beauty Cider. Island Orchard Cider produces deliciously refreshing and exciting new cider varieties for enjoyment by both the cider newbie and connoisseur.


 Classic Cider

Our Classic Ciders are simply put, classic. They are made in the cider making style native to the Normandy region of France. Our Classics are subtle in fruit flavor, semi-dry, and slightly effervescent.

Reserve Cider

All of our Reserve Ciders go through a bottle conditioning process. During the bottle conditioning process, the cider is bottled still (not carbonated), and goes through a secondary fermentation in the bottle, which creates a lively effervescence. Don’t worry, sediment is normal.

Specialty Cider

We have many different types of speciality ciders, they are often limited releases and have a wide range of sweetness, carbonation, and style. We are always creating something new, so check back regularly for our newest cider creation!